Making Jesus Famous #HTH #Evangelism

Making Jesus famous!!! What a wonderful theme for the month of March. Reaching out to people about Jesus. Portraying His character by actions in our homes, communities, work and so on.

Making Jesus Famous one life at a time,” has been the driving force behind every church ministry and evangelistic event.

“We want to know Christ and make him known, and we can do that through transformation of the next generation.”

Want to share a story. Back then in the university, there was a course called GST in 100 level. You can’t graduate without passing the GST courses. I won’t lie, I was unserious in a way with my academics, I didn’t know the course was that relevant till I had a carryover in two GST courses. I sat for the two later and passed only one. I was confused because at this time I sat up and read for the courses. I prayed, went for church fellowship in school, and the teaching that day was directly referring to me. I was amazed and ready to retake thr course again. But again I failed. I cried and by this time I was in 300level. I decided to leave the course to focus more on major and elective courses. 400level I was scared that the GST course was going to reflect on the my final result that I didn’t pass. After my finals, I kept praying, and believing God will deliver. To my surprise when clearance started and collection of completion of courses, my name was among those who are graduating. Hallelujah to my Father. Till now I don’t know how it happened, but all I know is that my Jesus lives and hears our cry every single day.

I understand when some people feel disappointed whenever things don’t go well. But am here to tell you Jesus will deliver. I don’t know who’s reading this, but I believe my story will help someone out there today. Bow your head wherever you are and say :

Father, I come to You right now, in the name of your most Holy Son, Jesus Christ, asking You to accept me as a Believer.

You say in Your word that if I confess my sins and ask forgiveness, You are faithful and will forgive my sins and remember them no more. You will not hold them against me and You will give me everlasting life.Father, I believe that Jesus Christ, Your only Son, came to Earth and was born, that He lived among us, and that He was crucified to pay for our sins and for my sins. I believe that You raised Him from the dead and gave Him power over all creation.
Lord, right now I accept Your Son Jesus as my Savior and as the Lord of my life. Send the Holy Spirit to guide me, protect me, lead me and counsel me. Send Your angels to gather around me and protect me. Protect me from Satan and his evil forces. Help me grow in wisdom, knowledge and love for You and Your ways. Give me the strength and courage to change my ways and resist the Devil and avoid sin in the future.Lord, I thank You for sending Your only Son to die so that I can live.Jesus, I thank You in that You died for me while I was still a sinner and had not yet accepted You. I thank You for forgiving my sins and for bringing me to a saving knowledge of You. Please bless me and protect me. Teach me to pray. Guide me. Increase my faith, and make me sure in the knowledge that I can rely on You, no matter what may come. Lead me to a good church where I can learn Your word and the Father’s will, where I can fellowship with Christians and grow in my knowledge of You.I ask these things in Your most holy and precious name, and I thank You for making me a Believer. Amen!

Welcome to the life of enjoyment.

Try to join a Bible believing church, and experience greatness through Christ Jesus.

Make Jesus famous today by sharing His goodness in your life. Enjoy Grace..

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