Your Worth & Value are not Defined by Results


You could watch this Spoken Word video by Suli Breaks and get lost in thinking it’s just about the need to improve education systems, or about seeing what doesn’t work in the way education is delivered.

Maybe it is partly about that. However, I watched this video and saw one glaringly obvious message… that your worth and value are not defined by your results.

How many children understand this?

How many children realise that regardless of whether they get good grades and do well in their sports and achieve XYZ, that they are nevertheless awesome, and that no matter what results they get at school (or in life!) there is only ONE of them, and their uniqueness is their gift!

Telling them this in words isn’t enough. Showing them in actions, reactions, feelings and role modelling is the only way.

How many people know that it’s so important to just be who you are and do what you love, regardless of what the external world tells you is right, wrong, good enough or not good enough. Now there’s a message that we wish we’d been taught at school!

What does this video stir within you?

2 thoughts on “Your Worth & Value are not Defined by Results

  1. This video reminds me of my son and his take on the world right now. He is 21. I do not have good answers for him on these matters. I am supporting him to follow his dream now that he has quit college.
    I grew up with the structure good education = good job = good retirement. It was ingrained in me. However that is not how it played out for my father in retirement. It is not how it played out for me in getting jobs after a great education. And it is not how the world operates anymore.
    But it is hard for me to retrain my brain into a current working view of how life works. I was once told by my parent that I had not done anything to earn their love. So I have it ingrained in me that without accomplishment there is no worth.
    While I do not believe this for other people it is still a constant fight within myself to let this thinking go when it pertains to me.
    I do hope we get to the point where we affirm children for being alive and an individual rather than for fitting in to a certain “acceptable” framework.

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    1. I appreciate your feedback ma. It is high time we allow our kids be whom they want to be. Especially now that Talents pays more … We should accept the fact that life ain’t the same as before.. God bless!

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