Why You Should Ditch Some of Your Expectations: to make room for better ones!

Ever wondered why some expectations flop? The outcome didn’t produced what we hoped, and when that happens it can discourage us from “getting our hopes up” and “going there again”. Shouldn’t expectations be like a woman with child? Conceived and happy with the news, she educates herself about what she must do to provide the best care to herself and baby internally and externally. In preparation for the baby’s birth she prepare the room, buy clothes, food, car seat etc. Then she waits with EXPECTANCY for the birth of her beautiful baby.  The level of expectation rises as the delivery date gets closer.

Yet not every pregnancy is the same – for some there’s complications, discomfort during the pregnancy and delivery stage, and for some it’s smooth sailing. However, all that is forgotten once the baby arrives. 

The point here is this – some expectations carries more weight, will require more, takes longer to acheive results, and only you can decide the level of commitment and willingness to invest, the patience to persevere, cultivating the ability to patiently wait for your harvest.

Then, on the flip side there are those expectations that we carry around, that we should ditch. Why? Because some expectations take up unnecessary space in our lives, stealing our energy and distracting our focus and fulfillment. 

In childhood we’re expected to do certain things, and behave a certain way. When those are met we’re rewarded, and when they’re not, we face the consequence.

  • Do your chores
  • Eat your veggies
  • Do your homework
  • Go to bed by…
  • Be respectful to your elders
  • Do what you’re told (my fav)

And as we moved into our teen years the list of expectations expands to fit into a certain mold…not ours necessary, but there it was

  • Improve your grades
  • Stop doing this
  • Do that
  • Get a part time job

Today as adults that cycle continues – at our place of work we’re expected to do certain things that pertains to our role, and act a certain way that’s in line with the company’s guidelines or policy.

In our personal relationships there’s always a level of expectancy – either what we place on ourselves, or what we perceive the other person is expecting…if it’s not shared.

  • I expected you to do this…have dinner ready, do the laundry, wait for my input before making a decision.
  • I expect they’ll understand, or they’re going to be pissed.
  • I expect I’ll get an earful about…
  • I’m expect to have a nice relaxing…

Make room for new expectations

Expectations are like seeds – plant, water and they grow. 

Expectations are futuristic – something to acheive by a certain timeline.

Expectations aren’t fulfilled- until the thing expected is conceived.

Expectations aren’t goals – until action is taken.

Which leads me to ask – What expectation do you have for your life and are you actively fulfilling them? PAUSE pleaseget honest with yourself.

 Or, are you still busy living your life based on the expectation of others.

My sisters, in order for us to experience any level of fulfillment we must conceive, awaken, and discover expectations that will stir fresh live into our beings, what and who we touch, and where we serve. Again, I ask you What expectation do you have for your life and are you actively fulfilling them?

To you being your better best self! 

Image Credit: Pinterest

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