Question That Needs Urgent Answers

Hey guys,

Is it possible for a Christian who is an Addict keep his/her faith strong, hoping for a turn around in his/her life?

Please comment below. This might help someone reading.

Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Question That Needs Urgent Answers

  1. Yes it is possible. Many addicts who try 12 step programs and fall out by relapsing– they know the possibility is there. God can restore them to sanity. Addiction is a thorn but one that God can and will remove in His timing with our willingness to do our part to not keep walking back into it once it is removed.

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    1. T hank you for this Kate. It’s actually for a dear friend. He is frustrated about his condition atm. Whenever he decides to move forward and forget about his addiction. He goes right back to it ..


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