When To Let Go And When To Try Harder

Eventually, we all reach the crossroad of moving on or trying harder. While it’s difficult to go either way, the decision is what is more perplexing. Sometimes you can’t just let things be, and other times things really do just have to work themselves out. But how do we know the difference?

Well, we often don’t, and that’s the most important part. The process of figuring out what we can’t change and when it’s time to move on is the actual process of doing so. Because while you can’t change things when they are largely the decisions of others, your actions can change the mind’s of those people. How do you know when the universe will work it out and how do you know when it’s time for you to start ironing out the kinks? You don’t until you’ve tried.

It’s time to move on when you have tried to change things, but to no avail. It’s time to let the  higher being or whatever it is you do or don’t believe in figure things out– and have faith in the funny little way that life tends to bring and take what we need at just the right times. But regardless of where you are in the journey, you have to keep trying until there is no other option. And that’s what’s going to be so incredible and humbling about when you finally realize it’s time to let go. Because you’ve been down to your knees and you don’t have anything more to give. That is what is going to bring you to a place of having something to let go of. It’s only then that the universe will take over. Trust it. Do it. You will find the “wisdom to know the difference” at the end.


Most times, I tend to be lost and don’t know what to do, especially when have exhausted myself to make a difference in my life. Since I got to the UK, have been blessed and favoured to work with a popular multinational company. But it is not enough for me, because I want a better position. Since am a graduate of double degrees, I applied for a managerial position several times, I get denied each time. I told myself the net time I apply and still denied, I was going to leave. But I remembered what my dad always tell me. Be grateful for humble beginnings. If it doesn’t work there, let it go. It will work in another place and in due time.

Have moved on, so can you.

Your Worth & Value are not Defined by Results


You could watch this Spoken Word video by Suli Breaks and get lost in thinking it’s just about the need to improve education systems, or about seeing what doesn’t work in the way education is delivered.

Maybe it is partly about that. However, I watched this video and saw one glaringly obvious message… that your worth and value are not defined by your results.

How many children understand this?

How many children realise that regardless of whether they get good grades and do well in their sports and achieve XYZ, that they are nevertheless awesome, and that no matter what results they get at school (or in life!) there is only ONE of them, and their uniqueness is their gift!

Telling them this in words isn’t enough. Showing them in actions, reactions, feelings and role modelling is the only way.

How many people know that it’s so important to just be who you are and do what you love, regardless of what the external world tells you is right, wrong, good enough or not good enough. Now there’s a message that we wish we’d been taught at school!

What does this video stir within you?

You Are Better Than You Know

In Conversations, Can We Do Better Than Asking "How Are You?!"  Did you know that one of the rules of improv is that you can’t start a  scene with “How are you?”

Louise Hay, the writer, says that the roots of most of our problems in life are contained in the feeling, “I’m not good enough.” Dr. Alfred Adler said that it is the natural inheritance of people to have feelings of “inferiority” that starts from childhood and often continue through adult life.

Many people, because of their negative beliefs, most of which are erroneous, falsely consider themselves to be limited in intelligence, talent, capability, creativity, or skill of some kind. In virtually every case, these beliefs are false.

The fact is that you have more potential than you could ever use in your entire lifetime. No one is better than you and no one is smarter than you. People are just smarter or better in different areas at different times.

10 Reasons To Believe In Yourself (Even If No One Else Around You Does)


1. You know what you are capable of doing. There’s a voice inside you that tells you that you can do something even if it’s frightening and even if it’s impossible. That voice is usually right and you should trust it.

2. You can easily weed out people’s unwanted opinions. There will always be people bringing you down or telling you that what you want to accomplish is easier said than done, when you believe in yourself, you can easily ignore their words and focus on getting what you want.

3. You only learn when you follow your own judgment. Whether it was wrong or right, that’s the only way to learn, when you keep trusting yourself and your judgment, eventually you will get it right without having to question yourself.

4. It makes you stronger. When you believe in yourself, you know how to get through difficult situations and you know how to keep going without breaking down.

5. All the greatest leaders are. The greatest leaders, athletes, singers, and actors all had one thing in common; they believed in themselves and they never gave up when they were faced with rejection or setbacks. Their self-belief kept them going no matter how hard things were.Image result for i believe

6. You become your own source of motivation. You motivate yourself to do things instead of waiting for someone to push you and you find ways to encourage yourself when no one else is supporting you.

7. You’re more willing to try new things. Believing in yourself gives you power to take risks or try different things that people full of doubt won’t do. This widens the realm of opportunities and adventures in your life and makes your life a lot more exciting.

8. It makes you unafraid of change. You’re not afraid to change your life or turn your world upside down, you know that you will survive under any circumstances and you know you have the strength to adapt to difficult situations.

9. You build better relationships. If you don’t trust or believe in yourself, people can’t either. Believing in yourself allows you to build deeper and more meaningful relationships, and not ones based on insecurity or fear. Believing in yourself also helps you set limits with people who could overstep their boundaries and disturb your peace.

10. No one else will. People may tell you they believe in you but they will never do it for you, you’re the only who is capable of holding your own hand in the journey of your life, people come and go but you will always have yourself, so you must find a way to believe in it and have unwavering faith that you can become whoever you want to be.