How To Value Your Needs: Breaking Free From Your Comfort Zone

Leopards hate water. Their natural habitat and innate instincts are not meant for being in water.

Yet, when they are hungry, they will go against their very nature in order to feed.

Their “survival instincts” kick in and make them go above and beyond. They transcend the boundaries meant for their species.

So the question is: as a human being what are ‘you’ doing to break free from your comfort zones?

What kind of instincts are you willing to employ in order to fulfill the natural needs and innate necessities for yourself and your family?

If a mere beastly animal in the world has the courage to defy nature, its natural habitat and environmental limitations to ‘value’ its needs, why can’t you?

How To Stop Procrastinating: Why Do We Love to Procrastinate? (Part 1)

This post will be in three different parts.

Why do we love to procrastinate?

It is an undoubted truth, that the less one has to do, the less time one finds to do it in- Earl of Chesterfield

First, the obvious thing is that: Everyone procrastinates.

I do it, some of my close friends do it too, my wife also, and the ones in between do it and i know for a fact that successful people do it occasionally. It is just a human thing to put off what we could get done now for later. So relax. You are not alone.

But the ones who get a lot done in short periods of time and seem untouchable by excuses that plague the rest of us simply have learned how best to manage their procrastination tendencies. You can too. I’ll tell you know.

Procrastination is not in your DNA make-up, it is not inherited from your parents or siblings and it most certainly does not “run” in your family- in fact, removing that phrase altogether from your vocabulary can improve your life drastically.

Procrastination is a bad habit that has formed over the years, and in order to break this habit, you must create enough reason and momentum to build the opposite habit, the habit of getting things done.

Stay glued for the rest of the series…

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True Story: Stepping Out Of Comfort Zone

Submitted by Ainne Olar

My name is Ainne Olar,15 years old and I’m in 10th grade of High School. I was born in Philippines and I spent most of my childhood there, then we moved in Canada.

It was my first time moving to another country, so I was a very shy student for a little while back in my school in New Brunswick. New Brunswick is one of the provinces in Canada where we first move. It wasn’t as easy as I thought it was going to be, but I’ve made it until where I am now.

I had to speak and learn new languages to be able to communicate to other people. For the little while which I spent in school, I am only by myself. I usually don’t talk to people because I was not comfortable to speak the language, since it isn’t the language that we speak in my country. In class, I don’t participate I always choose to shut my mouth because I also am not that very confidence to speak in front of everyone. At lunch, it’s just me and my sister or sometimes it’s just going to be me and I used to be alright with that. I didn’t join any clubs or after school activities for a little while even though my teachers and my mom are always encouraging me.

One day, this event happened in my school where everyone had to play in the gym. I didn’t join at first, I just watch everyone play, having so much fun and just enjoying the moment that the school give us. The thing is I am actually a very athletic and energetic person, so while watching everyone play I was very jealous and tempted to join. I said to myself ,”I can’t just sit here in the side of the gym while watching everyone”, ” I need to get up and just be brave to have fun”, “What am I even scared of?”. All these thoughts came to my head and pushed me to stepped out of my comfort zone. I stood up and just plainly joined and after that everything changed. I made a lot of friends. I was a participant in every discussion in class because I’ve gain more confidence. I joined sports club that happened every after school with my friends. I become more excited to come to school everyday to see my friends.

Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. It’s not that you have to step out of your comfort zone because most of us feel very comfortable with it, It’s just you will be able to experience things that you have no idea you will. You will learn something about yourself that you didn’t even know. You will build more relationships with others. You will become more excited about life.

Lastly it will add up more to your confidence and that is the great thing that actually ever happened to me, it’s a great feeling being out of my comfort zone.

8 Signs You’re Not Stuck, You’re Just More Comfortable Playing Small

Sometimes, the problem isn’t that you’re incapable of going after what you want, or that you’re being held back by some other force beyond your control.

Sometimes, the biggest issue in your life is that you’re more comfortable playing small even though you know you’re capable of a lot more. Here, the telltale signs you’re underplaying your potential in a really significant way.

1. You’re vague about what you do.

It’s not that you don’t know what you do, rather, you subconsciously eschew details because you’re afraid of being judged.
When you create grey area, there’s space to go back, correct yourself, adjust yourself to someone else’s expectations and needs. But it all comes at the cost of being untrue to yourself.

2. You have a lot of internal conflict.

You’re stuck in a sort of limbo that only happens when you at once know everything you could be doing, and yet, at the same time, are attached to playing safe.

3. You see your peers capitalizing on their skills in a way you know you’re also capable of.

You recognize that there’s so much potential for you to create a life you really love and are proud of, and you know because you see others doing it all the time.
However, for some reason, you just can’t quite motivate yourself to join them yet. You’re still too filled with doubt, or you’re really attached to being a lesser version of yourself, because you imagine that person to be better liked.

4. You work yourself to the point of exhaustion.
Truly successful people don’t do this, because they know three things:
— How to manage their time.
— How to delete responsibilities.
— That they do not need to prove their importance or worth.

5. You don’t have a top 3 goal list for this year.

You’re more or less just floating, and seeing where life takes you, rather than having a set of specific, overarching goals your daily routines are moving you closer toward.

6. You don’t know your personal “tagline.”

You should be able to summarize who you are and what you do within a sentence or two. Not because you are so uncomplicated that you can be distilled down into a few words, but because true, complete clarity is absolutely essential to success.

7. You’re afraid of being “seen.”

You still carry around the fear of what other people from your past would think of your future successes, and you resist putting yourself, or your work, out there out of fear that others would disapprove.
The fear of being “seen” and standing out from others is natural and normal, but it doesn’t come up unless you already know you have something that sets you apart, something that would absolutely get people’s attention.

8. You have as much anxiety about being successful as you do failing.

For as much as you worry about potentially not succeeding, you likewise have as much anxiety about what it would mean to have everything you want.

Whether it’s the fear that you could lose it, or that other people would begin to dislike you, or that you’d simply leave your comfort zone, it’s imperative to realize that successful people grant themselves permission to be successful. They intentionally allow their lives to be good. It’s definitely an adjustment, one that deep down, you know you’re ready to make.

The Trap Of The Comfort Zone

The second mental obstacle that you need to overcome is the comfort zone. Many people become complacent with their current situations. They become so comfortable in a particular job or salary or any level of responsibility that they become reluctant ro make any changes at all, even for the better.

The comfort zone is a major obstacle to ambition, desire, determination, and accomplishment. People who get stuck in a comfort zone, if it’s combined with learned helplessness, are almost impossible to help in any way. Don’t let this happen to you.

Very short and precised but very important to take note of this trap.