Topic of Failure Often Includes Habits

Many people follow a list of steps for a certain period of time, but then struggle to establish patterns they can stick to. But despite failure, I have discovered that we form habits in our lives whether we are intentional about creating them or not. I’ve determined that creating a positive life requires replacing patterns… Continue reading Topic of Failure Often Includes Habits

Tip 3: How To Be A Good Listener

Hey guys! Hope tip 2 was of help to you or someone you know who needs this. Let's go straight ro tip 3. How to be a good listener: Showing you care builds trust to open up. Make eye contact and put away your phone.Focus completely on the other person.Pauses are fine, try not to… Continue reading Tip 3: How To Be A Good Listener

Understand That Sometimes, Successes Come Slowly

Sometimes, you won’t get the credit you feel like you deserve. Sometimes, you’re going to feel like all the hard work you’ve been putting into a project has been a waste because nobody has been around to pat you on the back or remind you what a good job you’ve been doing. But you don’t… Continue reading Understand That Sometimes, Successes Come Slowly

Video Game Addiction: Can an Addiction Have a Positive Side?

Hey guys! Been a while I posted on this platform. Am happy to be back and consistent. A quick question for you guys today.. What do you think about the topic today? Video games are dangerous to your mental health and will make you become an addict. Do you believe that? Of course, we hear… Continue reading Video Game Addiction: Can an Addiction Have a Positive Side?

Your Life Becomes The Sum Of What You Tolerate

In an ideal world, life would amount to the sum of our intentions. Good things would happen to good people; we’d be measured by our heart and depth and character. While this is true to some degree — life is undoubtedly kinder toward those who are kind to it — the truth is that your… Continue reading Your Life Becomes The Sum Of What You Tolerate

7 Basics For Getting Your Life in Shape: Bruce Lee

If you haven't been living under a rock for the last 30 years I'm pretty sure you know who Bruce Lee was. 😊 If you have, then you may be interested to know that Lee was a very famous martial artist and actor who sparked the first big interest of Chinese martial arts in the… Continue reading 7 Basics For Getting Your Life in Shape: Bruce Lee

You Can’t Please Everyone: Live Your Life

I used to be stubborn to change. Back then, if it’s “not like me” to do something, then I just wouldn’t do it. However this mindset held me back from growing and evolving like we should be. People will say shit like “you’ve changed,” but isn’t that something we should all be doing (for the… Continue reading You Can’t Please Everyone: Live Your Life

Your Life Is Not Defined By What You Have

Never make the mistake of defining your life by what you have in accomplishments, wealth, or others. Check out these points to always reflect on. Possessions only provide temporary happiness. You can have many possessions and still lose your life. Things do not give value to life, it is life that gives value to things.… Continue reading Your Life Is Not Defined By What You Have

I Hope You Know That You Always Have A Choice

I hope you know that you always have a choice. I hope you understand that you are capable of changing your life even if the odds are against you. I hope you know that there are people out there who are willing to help you and guide you until you make it on your own.… Continue reading I Hope You Know That You Always Have A Choice

My Interview With Online Professional Psychiatrist- Dr. Tomi

She is one of Nigerian's foremost Psychiatrist, a mentor and an influencer. Her engagement on Instagram has helped a lot of people mentally and physically. She is intelligent and very smart. Ladies and Gentlemen I give you Dr. Tomi. You are welcome. First things first, we appreciate your time and availability to conduct this interview.… Continue reading My Interview With Online Professional Psychiatrist- Dr. Tomi

Ministry Is a Position Not a Title

Full time ministry; as soon as you read these words, what comes to mind? For most the answer would be working full time in a church or as a missionary. Working in a church or as a missionary full time seems to be the ultimate job for a believer. Think about it; 24/7 would be… Continue reading Ministry Is a Position Not a Title

The Power Of Peace

Having an attitude of peace and calm is priceless. It’s an attitude that says, “I’m trusting God,” and it speaks powerfully to people. But it takes time, focus and the grace of God to be consistently peaceful. One way to develop consistent peace is to learn to live “in the now.” We can spend a… Continue reading The Power Of Peace

Six Points To Take Charge Of Your Life

A man, as a general rule, owes very little to what he is born with- a man is what he makes of himself- Alexander Graham Bell Identify your biggest problem or source of negativity in life today. In what ways are you responsible for this situation?See yourself as a president of your own company. How… Continue reading Six Points To Take Charge Of Your Life

6 Ways to Unlock Your Potentials

The potential of the average person is like a huge ocean unsailed, a new continent unexplored, a world of possibilities waiting to be released and channeled toward some great good- Brian Tracy To unlock your potentials you will need to: Imagine that you have the inborn ability to achieve any goal you could ever set… Continue reading 6 Ways to Unlock Your Potentials