Easter Weekend

Easter is a time of miraclesand a chance for man’s redemption.It started many years agoAnd was a plan of God’s invention. He sent to us his only SonWhose love for us was great.He died on the cross and rose againTo save us all from our sinsuch as blasphemy and hate. Enjoy Grace!!!

Weekly Nuggets: The Righteous Age of No Sinners

When we cling to Jesus, we can believe He will change our broken hearts. When we view ourselves as independently righteous, we believe we don’t need change - Eric Nelson. In Christ, we are free to acknowledge our sins. That is one way we differ from the ways of the world. We have the freedom… Continue reading Weekly Nuggets: The Righteous Age of No Sinners

Your Greatest Success In Life

This is a quick break down: Your greatest success in life is the easiest success you can ever have.It comes by making the greatest decision of life: which is choosing to spend eternity with God in heaven.This success is impossible by your efforts (can never come by your good works).It's very easy because "God has… Continue reading Your Greatest Success In Life

These Are The Facts Of Life

1. In life, those with the Lion Heart get the Lion share. 2. In life, only the Bold get the Gold. 3. In life, only those with the Liver get the Silver. 4. In life, only the Risk Takers become Rich. 5. In life, only the Brave becomes Great, Successful and Wealthy. 6. In life,… Continue reading These Are The Facts Of Life

Be A More Peaceful Believer

If you’re ready to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ—the Prince of Peace—then you can definitely find peace in your life. So ake this season of Easter a time to dwell in his presence and observe the peace of the Holy Spirit through the Son of God Jesus Christ. Peace is actually part of the… Continue reading Be A More Peaceful Believer

Down to earth or out of this world?

Have you ever heard the following phrase used to positively describe someone: “He/she is so down to earth.” The connotation that is usually associated with this phrase is that the person being described is easy to relate to, easy to get along with and doesn’t make others uncomfortable. As I read about the life of… Continue reading Down to earth or out of this world?

Life Isn’t About Waiting For The Storm To Pass, It’s Learning To Dance In The Rain.

By: CHARLES HAMRICK I read a quote in a friends email today that you have heard, but I am going to steal and share in this post.  It read, “Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass, it is about learning to dance in the rain.” As I do with most things I… Continue reading Life Isn’t About Waiting For The Storm To Pass, It’s Learning To Dance In The Rain.

True Health And Wealth

Some invest in stocks and bonds Others stockpile real estate, Some tie their fortunes to this fleeting world Along with their lives and fate. Some squirrel and horde earthly wealth Clinging to it with all their might, Some can’t get it off their troubled minds And worry about it all through the night. Some scheme,… Continue reading True Health And Wealth

A Poetry About The Royal Blood Shed

As Your blood flowed through Your human pores You endured it in order to make us Yours As the crown of thorns punctured Your regal head For our sin Your royal blood flowed crimson red As cold steel pierced sinless flesh and bone You endured it so we would not face death alone As Your… Continue reading A Poetry About The Royal Blood Shed

One And The Other

Both men received the same sentence, Both would serve the same penalty, One man would live in paradise, The other too blinded to see. One’s heart was stonily calloused, His sins he refused to see, The other fully acknowledging, Why he’d been led to Mt. Calvary Dragging their crosses behind them, Gave them time to… Continue reading One And The Other