Why Rejection Doesn’t Scare Me Anymore

The word ‘rejection’ terrifies this generation because we assume it means that we failed or we’re not good enough. We assume it means that we can’t win the game or get what we want. We assume that it makes us look weak, bad and inadequate.

But the essence of life is change and adapting to the things we can’t control including the things that rejected us and the things we couldn’t get. It’s not a direct reflection of our own shortcomings but it’s just a natural part of life and it happens to everyone. And I mean EVERYONE.

But we never look at the other side of rejection, at the possibility that maybe we wanted something that wasn’t going to be right for us or we wanted someone who wasn’t going to treat us right. We never try to understand what rejection is trying to tell us. It’s trying to tell us that we’re knocking on the wrong door. We’re going the wrong way. We’re trying so hard for something that could cause us so much pain.

I always look back at the times I was rejected from something and how it always led me to something better. I look back at the times I thought someone was great or irreplaceable only to discover that they were not genuine or kind. Sometimes we don’t see the obvious truth because we’re fixated on the word ‘rejection’ and how we can literally do anything to avoid it, even if it means destroying ourselves and forgetting our worth. I eventually found something better and wondered why I can’t learn to embrace rejection and take it as an opportunity to grow.

You might not get the things you want but you will get the things you need. You might not get the person you love but you will end up with the person who adores you and shows you a different kind of love.

Why can’t we see the blessings in rejection? Why are we only looking for the instant gratification of the word ‘yes?’ Given that many times ‘yes’ broke our hearts too and left us with nothing.

We contradict ourselves because we keep saying that if something is meant for us, it will find us, yet we can’t seem to shake rejection off, we can’t stop it from crippling us when it comes to taking risks and loving ourselves.

Rejection is also fate telling us that some things are not meant for us and if they were, we wouldn’t have been rejected. Rejection is another word for redirection.

Rejection sucks by all means and no one likes the bitter taste of the word ‘no’ but it’s also preparing us for something bigger than what we wanted for ourselves. It teaches us that God’s plan will always be better than ours and sometimes that’s all the faith we need to get over the fear of rejection and actually learn how to embrace it.

Guest post from Rania Naim.
Originally posted on Thoughts Catalog.

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Healing Means The Pain No Longer Controls You Even If You Can’t Forget It 

Healing is a long process and it’s a long journey. There’s no right way to heal and realistically there’s no right way to forget. You don’t have to forget your deepest pain and you shouldn’t. It scarred you but it also changed you. It wounded your soul but it also taught you the art of surviving. The art of choosing to live and fight for your happiness.

Healing means you remember everything but it doesn’t hurt anymore. You look at the people who hurt you and you don’t feel a thing. You look at them and they don’t have that power anymore. They don’t have the power to ruin your day and your life. You’ve overcome their demons and their ghosts. You’ve let their toxicity go. They’re the reason why you understand that you’re better off without some people. They’re the reason why you understand that some people have to go for better people to come along.

Healing means you know that some broken pieces of you will never be the same again but that will never stop you from loving again with all your heart, from believing again after losing all hope, from starting over after hitting rock bottom. Healing means you’re not scared of getting hurt again because you know how to bounce back and you know life will never be free of pain. 

Don’t listen to people who ask you to forget about your problems or your pain or your heartbreak, you can’t just forget something that changed you forever, you can’t just forget someone who meant the world to you, you can’t just forget and you shouldn’t put that kind of pressure on yourself.

Healing means you show off your scars with pride. It means you tell your painful stories with wisdom. It means you forgive yourself for allowing people to hurt you. It means you don’t define yourself by the people who broke your heart. It means speaking softly about yourself instead of blaming yourself for the pain you had to endure.

Healing doesn’t mean forgetting, it means remembering everything but instead of letting it weigh you down, let it lift you up. You still smile. You still love. You still give. You still believe. The pain won’t stop you from living.

Healing is a reminder that nothing was ever strong enough to break you. 

Guest post from Rania Naim. 🙏🙏🙏

Repost: Read This If You Don’t Think You Can Move On #love #inspiration #Rania Naim

I know things don’t make sense to you right now. I know you’re asking yourself all the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ you can think of.

I know you’re terrified of moving on because what if it’s too soon? What if it’s a mistake? What if it’s just a bump in the road, not a dead-end? And what if you never feel this way again, what if nothing as incredible as this knocks on your door again?

But as long as your door is always open, better things will knock on it and as long as your heart is still beating, it will always find ways to fall in love again.

Because what is stopping us from moving on is the same thing that will set us free. Those who hurt us are those who can heal us once we decide to let them go. Because even though you don’t want to move on, you also don’t want to be just another memory, just another experience or just another person someone else decided not to love.
You want to be the one who dealt with it with your head up high, you want to be the one who loved himself enough to know that something better is awaiting him, you want to be the one who decided not to be defined by someone who didn’t, couldn’t love her and you want to be the one who moved on, the one who didn’t stay waiting, the one who didn’t settle and the one who cried for one night and woke up the next day smiling.

Because the truth about moving on is that it hurts too, it hurts to look back, it hurts to throw away the memories and it hurts to end something you were not ready to finish, but in life, the things that are hardest to do are the things we must do to live, to survive and to thrive.

Because while it hurts to move on, it hurts even more to hang on. It hurts when you’re afraid of losing someone who is not afraid of losing you.

But like a train, you must keep moving, you can’t stop in one station, you can’t wait for every passenger to get on board, you can’t just miss the whole ride because someone couldn’t give you what you want.

You can’t keep going in the same direction that leads to nowhere, you just have to keep moving and if they care, they will walk after you, if they don’t, you have to believe that the road is full of surprises and has a better gift for you.

You have to keep walking until you no longer see the road you left behind.