Daily Digest: The Strength To Deal And Be Comfortable With Change

Many people don't like change. It's a fact! Former US President Woodrow Wilson said, "If you want to make enemies, try to change something". Often when we grow weary or simply become bored with a situation, we get restless and begin to pray: "Oh God! Something has to change in my life!" Then when God… Continue reading Daily Digest: The Strength To Deal And Be Comfortable With Change

Happy Mother’s Day To Every Mother And Mother To – Be

This is my prayer for all of you. Dear Father, we approach your throne on behalf of the mothers whom you have entrusted with the care of your most precious little ones. We thank you for creating each mom with a unique combination of gifts and talents. We thank you for the sacrifice of self… Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day To Every Mother And Mother To – Be

Prayer Is The Motivation We Need Right Now

Dear Father, Thank You that we get to be a part of Your global Church at this moment. Thank You for the opportunity to spread Your love and hope to a world living in darkness and despair. Your Word says that if Your people humble themselves, turn away from wickedness, and call on Your name,… Continue reading Prayer Is The Motivation We Need Right Now

God First, God Always!

Hey guys! I will appreciate if I have your deepest attention on this post. It is what most of us go through eveyday as we try to get closer to God. Please read through, digest it, and share. I only realized to record my awareness of this last night, but I feel closer to God… Continue reading God First, God Always!

Dear God, I’m Ready For My Miracle

I’m ready to pass the test. I’m ready for the final result. I’m ready to close the chapter of pain and loss. I’m ready to heal from my past heartbreak. I’m ready to close that door forever. I’m ready to put an end to the stormy days and the lonely nights. I’m ready for you… Continue reading Dear God, I’m Ready For My Miracle

No Matter The Circumstances I Go Through, God Is Still Good

Dear God, I may not understand everything that’s happening in my life right now, but I’m choosing to hold on to the fact that everything has a purpose. I may be overwhelmed with questions as to why certain things are happening in my life, but my faith is not dependent on my feelings. This season… Continue reading No Matter The Circumstances I Go Through, God Is Still Good

You Are Blessed More Than You Know

Do you know how incredible blessed you are? There are so many little things that we take for granted. The fact that you can read this means you are not one of the 774 million people in the world who can’t read or write a single world (statisticbrain.com). Can you imagine going through life without… Continue reading You Are Blessed More Than You Know

The Prayer After The Audacious Prayer

We’ve all been there. After praying feverishly about something big and audacious, God sometimes gives us exactly what we asked for. Whether we’ve been granted permission to adopt a child, been given a promotion into management, or been selected for a full-time overseas mission, being a good steward with God’s trust becomes paramount. That’s why… Continue reading The Prayer After The Audacious Prayer

My Prayer For You This March

May God perfect everything that needs to be perfected in your life this month. Happy New Month to you! I pray that God will take your worries, failures and anxieties away from you in this new month in Jesus name. Happy New Month! May you experience boundless happiness and blessings this new month and always.… Continue reading My Prayer For You This March