Don’t be Confused: “Romantic Feelings And True Love”

This is a sponsored post, but decided to share with my sisters in the lord and ladies around the world. This post is from a great man of God “Billy Graham” who answered a lady’s letter about falling in love with another man while married. 

I cannot help but feel that most ladies these days have probably confused Romantic feelings with true love. There is nothing wrong with romantic feelings, of course, but it’s easy for these to fade after a period of time if there is not something deeper. When these romantic feelings begin to fade they can even deceive us into thinking that true love has gone forever. Commitment to your marriage or partner is a determination on your part that you will remain committed to your husband or partner for the rest of your life, no matter what the future may hold for you. True love, you see, is more than feelings of romance. 

It would therefore be very wrong for you to be misled by your feelings and become interested in another man. You can have a stable marriage or relationship, however, if you determine in your heart that you are committed, and that you will do anything possible to make your relationship grow stronger. 
Enlighten yourself more with Matthew 19:6