A Sinner Like Me

Pushing this flesh into alignment,
guided by The Word most holy and pure,
I’m striving to learn principles
for a sanctified life to endure.

My Lord loves me without hesitation
and allowed a part of Himself to die.
He’s calling me homeward without reservation;
by His Spirit, to His side, I’ll eventually fly.photo-1445964047600-cdbdb873673d

Knowing I’m a child of His,
during trying times I find true encouragement.
I’m able to lean on His strength
while in search of heavenly ascent.

Stumbling forward with pained progress,
I’ve chosen to turn myself towards Thee.
On Your path, lit by spiritual Light, I’m hoping…
That You will still forgive… a sinner like me.

A Day Without Sin: Is It Possible?

I ask myself everyday if it’s possible for one to go a whole day without sinning. Either someone annoys you, getting distracted from the flesh, lying to cover up tracks cursing and many more.

Truly our daily lives is a battlefield of the mind and thoughts.

Am happy I got some readers, viewers and my community on WordPress. I throw this questions to you all.

Is, it possible???