Today’s Nugget: Swallow Your Pride, Confess Your Weakness

Hi guys, A quick one. Whatever is your weakness in life, you need to get help for total freedom. One thing i have noticed and my experience is that weaknesses can last long for a while if we tend to solve issues ourselves. For example, addiction or anger. We see addiction as a weak point… Continue reading Today’s Nugget: Swallow Your Pride, Confess Your Weakness

2 Keys to Get Rid of Strife and Live in Peace

God created us to have relationships. The most important relationship is the one we have with Him through our faith in Christ. And when we have a healthy, personal, intimate connection with God, we can have great relationships with the people in our lives. It’s God’s will for us to live in peace and harmony… Continue reading 2 Keys to Get Rid of Strife and Live in Peace

Strife Blocks God’s Blessing

Hey guys, Today's post is about how strife blocks blessings. Many believers are seeking prosperity. They go to seminars on prosperity and read books on prosperity and success. This is good, for we need to be instructed and informed, bit the clarifies why prosperity eludes some people. When you live in strife and don't have… Continue reading Strife Blocks God’s Blessing