The Dean Schooled Them: Make a Wise Decision

One night four college kids stayed out late, partying and having a good time. They paid no mind to the test they had scheduled for the next day and didn’t study.

In the morning, they hatched a plan to get out of taking their test. They covered themselves with grease and dirt and went to the Dean’s office.

Once there, they said they had been to a wedding the previous night and on the way back they got a flat tire and had to push the car back to campus.

The Dean listened to their tale of woe and thought. He offered them a retest three days later. They thanked him and accepted his offer.hat time.

When the test day arrived, they went to the Dean. The Dean put them all in separate rooms for the test. They were fine with this since they had all studied hard. Then they saw the test. It had 2 questions.

1) Your Name __________ (1 Points)

2) Which tire burst? __________ (99 Points)
Options – (a) Front Left (b) Front Right (c) Back Left (d) Back Right

The lesson: always be responsible and make wise decisions.

Do You Bring God Glory With Your Words- Communication

Sticks and stones may break my bones…‏ But words always affect me emotionally.

Complex verbal communication is one of the many ways humans are unique to all other creatures on earth. In one instant we can be telling a joke causing great laughter and hysteria with anyone within ear shot. The next minute we can say something to someone and have them so mad steam is rolling out from our ears. Words allow us to love and hate all within the same sentence. Which in turns mean they can build up and tear down.

Words are an extremely powerful tool at our disposal. In today’s technologically advanced society it has never been truer. Every word we post on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram is instantly scrutinized, criticized, and judged to no end.

Words and emotions have always had a love/hate relationship. Saying the right words at the right time can save someone’s life or if not used properly can cut extremely deep. The simple phrase, “You are highly respected,” or “You are such a blessing to us” can turn a crummy day into the best day ever. Not only can it help the person receiving the words of encouragement but the person giving them is blessed as well. When’s the last time you deliberately said something to encourage your pastor, husband, kids, wife, parents, homeless guy on the street, etc…?

However, the sad truth is that some of us have a problem holding our tongues and don’t think before we speak. Others don’t have such a hard time with that concept. It’s a matter of personality and how God created you. Those of you that are reading this thinking you are off the hook because you are an introvert and never talk to anyone are wrong. Generally introverts have a problem with being bold. There are times when not saying anything is more damaging than speaking without thinking.

I understand that I am painting with a broad brush today but the point remains the same. Extroverts tend to speak without thinking, which is never a good idea when they are upset. And on the other hand you have introverts who don’t speak up at all because they are scared of offending someone or having people think they are stupid, rude, etc… This fear leads them to missing an opportunity given to them by God to change someone’s life with a simple “Hello, how are you?”

Words are so powerful that God used words to create everything we see and feel around us.

Genesis 1:3 – Then God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.”

Genesis 1:6 – Then God said, “Let there be a space between the waters,”

Genesis 1:9 – Then God said, “Let the waters beneath the sky flow together into one place, so dry ground may appear.”

Genesis 1:14 – Then God said, “Let lights appear in the sky to separate the day from the night.”

Genesis 1:20 – Then God said, “Let the waters swarm with fish and other life. Let the skies be filled with birds of every kind.”

Genesis 1:24 – Then God said, “Let the earth produce every sort of animal,”

Genesis 1:26 – Then God said, “Let us make human beings in our image, to be like us.”

Take time this week to pray to God and ask if there are areas in your communication skills that need adjusted to bring him glory. Don’t let emotions or lack thereof keep you from saying what God needs you to say (or not say). After all, God’s opinion of you is the only one that matters!

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No Such Thing As “Fear Of The Unknown”

Lots of people say they have a fear of the unknown. How can you fear something you don’t know?

Example #1: You Always Order the Same thing at a Restaurant
I argue with friends all the time who get the same exact thing at a restaurant and refuse to try anything else. Their response is always the same, “I know I like this so why would I try anything else?” Now thats a fair point, but my question is, how did you find out that you liked what you are ordering? At some point in your life you had to have eaten that for the first time…you had to step out in faith and try something new.

Example #2: Meeting New People / Friends is Not Easy
What about friends. Meeting new people is never the easiest thing in the world. My last job was an example where I knew NO ONE. To say I was scared was an understatement, but i knew that I had to meet people or I would have a miserable 2 years at the job. So I went out and met people. I met people I didn’t like, and have never seen again, and I met people who I continue to speak with today, and am extremely close with. But I would never have met either of those groups had I decided to be scared and not take action.

Biblical Examples
Think about some of the people in the bible who were about to step into the unknown and could have easily just not done anything and stayed scared…

  1. Moses – he could have stayed in the desert even after God called him. He had no clue what was going to happen when he went back into Egypt. But he went…
  2. David – he could have stayed in the field and not gone to fight Goliath, he had no idea what was going to happen when he faced the giant. But he went…
  3. Disciples – They all took a chance by following a carpenter and having faith in Him. They had no clue what this Jesus would do or how they would survive if they eft where they were. But they went…
  4. Jesus – Jesus was crucified because He actually did know what would come out of it. He went to the cross…

Can you imagine what would have happened had these individuals not taken a step of faith and stepped into the unknown? The bible as we know it would look much different. For example look at the last example…

Not as Positive Biblical Example
Rich Young Man Matthew 19:16-30 – He didn’t know what would happen, but Jesus told him what he had to leave to follow Him and he went away sad. This man didn’t go…and was never mentioned again in the Bible, and was never even given a name.

Take a chance today, or over the next week and months. Put yourself in a position to meet someone new. I challenge you to meet someone you have never met before. Do something you have never done before. Change up your routine and experience another path and see what happens. Maybe you’ll end up meeting someone you find that you don’t know how you lived without!

Just think about it this way…God will meet you on every path you take, so there is no such thing as the unknown…God is there, so what is there to be afraid of…Go ahead!

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How To Stop Procrastinating: Getting In The Flow of Getting It Done. (Part 3)

Hey guys!!! Happy weekend to you all.

Today I give you the third part of my series on procrastination.

Tell me if this is not true for you.When you actually commit to doing something, you get it done fast and without any fuss. You are focused. Your decision drives you, and you know what needs to happen and you just do it.

Plus the satisfaction that comes from your results generates even more creativity and productivity.

Those are the times you are in the zone. You are on top of it. You are untouchable by delays and excuses. You are doing your best and moving towards your goals and desires.

You love this feeling of completion. You secretly prefer this feeling to stress of procrastinating and yet you manage to procrastinate on a whole lot of things. Why is that?

Because you have a habit of procrastinating. But the good news about habits is that you can break them by interrupting them and replacing them with better, more fruitful habits.

The final part will be poster on Monday. Stay glued to this post.

It doesn’t require faith when we have control of the situation

And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him – Hebrews 11: 6

Ever since I was a little boy, I have been enamored with sports. I have spent a significant portion of my time on earth playing and watching sports. My favorite sports to watch are those that involves my football club playing, wrestling, and basketball. Actually the last game between The Golden states Warriors and The Toronto Raptors was a wide screen viewing with friends.

This game was supposed to have been an easy win for the Toronto Raptors, but it was not easy at all. In fact, the game was not decided until the final play. It was an up-and-down emotional roller coaster. One minute I was jumping up and down in excitement, and the next I was so frustrated that I had to pray just to keep from having an outburst of anger. As I sat there fighting through my emotions and wondering why I get so stressed watching these games, the Lord took the opportunity to teach me something.

In that moment, it dawned on me that I was never nearly as nervous or emotional while playing sports as I now get watching them. I have played in games where my team won by a substantial margin and games where my team lost badly. I have played in games that came down to the last play or the final inning, and in several of those games I was entrusted to take the final shot or throw the final pitch. I can’t remember one of those moments when I was as nervous or frustrated as I sometimes become now just WATCHING other people play.

What God impressed upon me is that I wasn’t as nervous when I was playing, because I had some control of the outcome. It doesn’t require faith when we have control of a situation. We all feel a little bit better when we have our hand on the ball, and we at least get to try to affect the outcome. However, in those moments when things are completely out of our control and we have no say in the outcome, we feel helpless. It is in those moments that we have to trust God the most.

The bottom line is that, as human beings, we want control. We want there to be a formula that, if we follow it, will result in life working out in accordance with what we think we deserve. But faith is defined as “confidence in what we HOPE for and assurance about what we DO NOT see.” That definition does not say, “confidence in what we KNOW FOR CERTAIN is coming and assurance about what we have already seen.”

There are parents who work diligently to raise up their children in a Godly way, only to watch those children make poor decisions that negatively affect their lives. There are devout followers of Christ who obey his commands, and what they receive in return is rejection and persecution from the world around them. There are loving and caring people who devote their lives to serving others, who still have to deal with loss and disappointment in their own lives. In all of these situations, it takes complete and utter faith to maintain trust in God, and to not venture down our own path where we have the majority of control. It takes faith in the midst of the struggle to lift our hands towards heaven and to say, “Nevertheless, not my will but yours be done.” It is one thing to trust God when we are still clinging desperately to our ledge of control, but it is quite another to have faith when we let go and feel like we are free falling towards the ground without a parachute.

I would be willing to bet that there are people reading this who have reached a point of desperation. There are people who have received poor news about their health, people whose marriage feels like it’s collapsing before their eyes, people who have lost loved ones, and so many more unfortunate circumstances of life that are outside of our control. Our natural tendency might be to just give up and quit, to throw in the towel on the good fight of faith. However, I want to pass on some good news today. It’s always those moments that we depend on Him the most in which God’s presence and grace are the most tangible in our lives. Throughout scripture we see people with their backs against the wall, who feel like there is no way out, and then God shows up in mighty ways. If you are going through a tough time right now, it’s not time to give up. It is time to press in. It is time to lift your hands up to God in faith and say, “Nevertheless, not my will, but yours be done.” Your circumstances may have forced you to a place where you had to let go of that ledge and trust God. The good news is that you can, because He loves you and cares for you!

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Going From Fear To Motivation With a Simple Shift

My motivation is insanely out of control lately. Something has switched inside after I dropped my negative thoughts and adopted some radical thoughts that I share here. I am basking in the glorious aftermath of living on the other side of fear: in a constant state of motivation. Think it’s too good to be true? So did I, but so glad I was wrong!

Lately, my energy is to the roof. My focus is laser sharp. My productivity is highest it’s ever been. I feel a great sense of urgency and nobody can talk me out of the work I need to do.

Image from

I can’t stand the idea of resting and relaxing for a minute longer than necessary. I cannot keep count of all the ideas running through my head and what’s more, I can smell no fear in pursuing every single one of them.

No fear. Not anymore. I am done being scared . I am done making decisions with fear. I am finished half-committing to my goals. I am done fooling around with my dreams. What about you?

I’ve turned a corner and I am not looking back. It happened when I woke up one day only to realize I have been chasing an empty dream, an illusion of happiness, and a mere shadow of success. Have you turned that corner yet?

Watch What You Speak

Our mouths can sure get us into trouble, can’t they! This is especially true for someone whose heart is tainted by evil. Talk reveals so much about our interior life, and an evil person has a lot to hide! But that brings us to ourselves. What does our talk reveal about us? Does it help us escape trouble or does it reveal fastening evil in our souls.

We should watch what we speak because the tongue is powerful. There was this African Nollywood movie I watched back then, this lady was suffering, no job, no money, no friends. During this challenges in her life, she wasn’t able to take care of her sick mother. In that process she lost her mother to cancer. This made her really depressed and angry. She angrily look up to heaven and said by the time she turns 25 and she doesn’t have a change in her life, her life should be taken away from this earth. Unkowning to her the spirit of death was around parading all over the place for whom to destroy and devour. The spirit took her words and waited for 25 years later.

About a year, she got a good paying job, was leaving in a big apartment, with a good car for mobility. After 25 years, the spirit of death came knocking at her door. She had forgotten what she used her mouth to say when she was faced with multiple challenges.

What happened next ain’t a good news.

Let’s be careful and learn to speak good things to our lives and to those we care about. The best time to proclaim good things in your life is during trials and challenges.

Read Proverbs 12:13

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What Everyone Must Know About Involving God In All Your Activities

Hey guys! As you start your day, don’t forget to involve God in all your activities. Check the tips below..

1. *Beauty* is not a guarantee to marriage

2. *Falling Sick* does not mean you are about to die.

3. *Getting rich* is not the definition of prosperity.

4 *Building a nice house* is not enjoying luxury.

5. *Sleeping on an expensive bed* does not bring you sound sleep.

6. *Driving a new car* is not a guarantee that you gonna reach where you going.

7. *Wearing expensive clothes* does not guarantee smartness.

8. *Owning a family doctor* does not guarantee permanent health.

9. *Being highly educated* is not a sign of wisdom.

10. *Marrying a rich guy* does not guarantee happy marriage.

11. *Winning an argument* does not mean that you were correct.

12. *Whatever is done without the merit of Heaven* is fake and temporal.

13 *He who builds without God* is building for nothing; & he who *watches over a city* without God, watches in vain.

14. *Not everything is possible with man but everything is possible with God.*

15 *Be wise and learn to Involve God* in everything you do.

*Kindly Bless Someone Else today* and be blessed back by God.

Video: Train Yourself Each Day To Expect Something Good To Happen

God wants you to have the best life possible. Always dare to get your Hope’s up, things will begin to change in your life. Faith increases, joy returns, and peace reigns.

Be excited about today! This is going to be a great day! Train yourself each day to expect something good to happen to you.

Don’t be hurting today, doubting if things will ever get better… get your hope’s up!

The video above contains words of encouragement from Joyce Meyer

Why When Life Squeezes You Is Just Another Passing Trend

Orange juice comes out because it is an orange and that’s what’s inside. Let’s assume that this orange isn’t an orange, but it’s you and someone squeezes you, puts pressure on you, says something you don’t like, offend you, and out of you comes anger, hatred, bitterness, fear and so on.


The answer, as indicated by late Dr. Wayne Dyer, is because that’s what’s inside. It is one of the greatest lesson of life! The question is what comes out when life squeezes you? When someone hurts or offends you? If anger, pain and fear come out of you, it’s because that’s what’s inside. It doesn’t matter who does the squeezing , what comes out inside of you is a choice!

When someone puts the pressure on you and out of you comes anything other than love, it’s because that’s what you have allowed to be inside through daily word meditation. Don’t forget Jesus dwells in your inside and that means all his characteristics virtues, traits such as holiness, power, humility, love, authority, courage, boldness, and wisdom now dwells on your inside. Your duty is to allow Him to live through you daily no matter the problem.

When life squeezes you. The challenges and trials

When life squeezes you, the light and glory of God will flow out because Christ is in you!

N:B: Happiness keeps you sweet, trials keep yo strong, sorrows keep you human! Failures keep you humble! And God keeps you going!

Killers of Happiness

Regretting the past

Worrying about the future

Comparing yourself to others

Anger/Bad temper

Life’s battles

Unforgiveness and not letting go

Complaining on the battle front

Planning to quit


Thinking negatively

Your reaction to events

In summary of everything, look good and positive during trials and challenging times.

Why Should A Christian Be A Radical? The Only Norm You Really Need

Hey guys!

This question was thrown to me over the weekend by a group of friends. I was able to defend myself and my faith but it inspired me to research more on the word “Radical” relating to “Christianity”. The word radical as applied to human behaviour, which can be either positive or negative, depending on one’s point of view. For the purpose of this post, we will define radical as “one expressing strict adherence to a world view that is at extreme odds with the cultural norm”.

If normal is in the middle, then a radical would be a person at either end of the spectrum. For example, Mother Teresa (God rests her soul) could be considered a radical in her extreme self-denial and ministry to the poorest of the poor. But Saddam Hussein, General Idiamin, General Sani Abacha, and other tyrants the world has ever known were also radicals in their violent enforcement of religious and political agenda. Both are considered extreme by societies as “normal”.

Whether or not Christians should be radicals depending on how the word is defined. Many people in history have used the name of Jesus Christ to inflict terror, persecution, and genocide upon those with religious differences. That form of radicalism was never condoned by Jesus who was Himself a radical. His message of love, forgiveness, and mercy was at direct odds with the accepted views of the day. He refused to fight back when attacked to allow Peter to defend Him with violence (Mathew 26:51-52), or to condemn the woman caught in adultery (John 8:4-11). Those were all radical acts for that time and culture. One reason some people turned away from Christ was that His requirement of giving up everything for His sake was simply too radical (Luke 18:22-23).

The decision to follow Christ is itself a call to radical living. Jesus said that “anyone who wants to follow me must deny himself, take up his cross daily, and follow me (Luke 9:23). The command is at extreme odds with our flesh’s desire to please itself (Roman’s 7:21-23). It challenges worldly wisdom, which preaches self-fulfilment as our highest aim (1 John 2:15-17). The cross is a radical symbol, and declaring Jesus as Lord of our lives involves a dethroning of self and a complete abandonment to His will. We must be willing to go where He leads, do what He says, and love Him more than life itself (Mathew 10:37-38). The lifestyle changes that follow such a commitment are considered radical by those who fall within the world’s definition of normal.

The antisocial atrocities that are often synonymous with radicalism are in direct opposition to radical Christianity. Those who incite violence and persecution in the name of Christ are not radicals at all, but enemies of the cross. Because following Jesus is in direct conflict with the “norm”, then “to live is Christ and to die is gain” (Phillipians 1:21) could be considered a radical way of life.

I challenge you today to live a radical life of obedience to the Bible instead of seeking to fit into our culture. It’s unfortunate that believing and following Christ is considered radical. It should be the normal way Christians should live everyday.

These Are The Facts Of Life

1. In life, those with the Lion Heart get the Lion share.

2. In life, only the Bold get the Gold.

3. In life, only those with the Liver get the Silver.

4. In life, only the Risk Takers become Rich.

5. In life, only the Brave becomes Great, Successful and Wealthy.

6. In life, nothing happens until you make it happen for yourself.

7. Behind anything Automatic is a ‘Human-matic’ effort.

8. In life, what you don’t expect, you won’t experience.

9. In life, what you don’t desire, you do not deserve.

10. *If you keep on waiting for the Right Time, Right Job, Right Opportunity, you will keep on wasting your life*

11. Your youth is your Peak, if you miss your Peak, you will end in the Pit of life and you become an object of Pity.

12. What you do not Imagine, you will not Manifest.

13. Whatever you can Conceive and Believe, you can Achieve.

14. Whatever you can Conceptualize and Visualize, you will Actualize.

15. *What you don’t Resist has a right to Remain.*

16. *What you don’t want, you don’t watch it happen to you. *

17. Only the Adventurous advances in Life.

18. *What you don’t Fight will Prevail.*

19. If you have nothing to Inspire you, you will get Expired.

20. You have to endure the Pains of today, to have the Gains of tomorrow.

21. Life itself is a race.
When G is added to race, it becomes Grace. G + race = Grace.
The G in Grace is by God.
Let God be in your race, and your life will enjoy His Grace.

My people irrespective of your salary, job or business we are doing the most important thing is the Grace of God, once the Grace of God is involved! That’s all… Is not those that worked nor runneth but by the mercy & grace of Almighty God!

Do have a gracious dream!

Happy Sunday..

The Beautiful Dance Of Mercy And Truth

We live in some confusing times, times where the truth is challenged just by normal, every day culture. It gets harder every day to live according to God’s standards. Ravi Zacharias, a well known Christian apologist, said it this way, “These days it’s not just that the line between right and wrong has been made unclear, today Christians are being asked by our culture to erase the lines and move the fences, and if that were not bad enough, we are being asked to join in the celebration cry by those who have thrown off the restraints religion had imposed upon them. It is not just that they ask we accept, but they now demand of us to celebrate it too.” Nevertheless, no matter how difficult or anti-cultural it seems, if you have given your life to Christ you have been called to live a life of holiness.

Now here comes the confusing part. We are also called to be merciful, just as our Heavenly Father is merciful (Luke 6:36). This means, if someone is living a life of sin that is bringing about pain and distraction, we are supposed to look upon them with the same mercy that God showed us when He sent His Son to die on the cross

There are few things more difficult to navigate in our Christian walk than this beautiful dance between mercy and truth. It is like that moment when a friend or stranger is telling you all about the crazy night they just had full of sinful, destructive activities. Then they present an inviting laugh hoping that you will reciprocate and affirm their behavior. In those moments, it is an absolute art to know how to show grace and mercy to that person in their broken state while also not condoning the behavior.

I have looked to the bible for guidance in this area, in particular the life of Jesus. The interesting thing is that Jesus did not always handle these situations the same way. We see a stark contrast in the way he handled the lost, His followers, and the religious leaders of His day. With the lost, He was extremely sensitive and gentle. Read about he woman at the well (John 4) or the woman caught in adultery (John 8). With His followers, Jesus was much more stern. When Peter tried to talk Jesus out of going to the cross, Jesus words to him were “Get behind me satan” (Matthew 16:23). Then with Pharisees and Sadducees, Jesus uses some very harsh language in an attempt to break down their rigid, religious barriers. Jesus refers to them as a “brood of vipers” (Matthew 23:33).

So what is the glue that brings these two apparently opposite terms together and makes them dance together so beautifully? The answer is unconditional love. This is the same love that God showed for us when He sent His Son to die on the cross. While we were still sinners in opposition to God, and in no way deserving of His mercy, He showed it to us anyway. That is the reason that Jesus could look at Peter and call him satan, or look at the Pharisees and call them vipers, and be doing it out of complete love. He knew that He had been sent to save them, and His motive with every single word was 100% love for them and a desire to see them set free.

What does this mean for us? It means that the condition of our heart is the most important element of our own dance with mercy and truth. If our heart is in the right place, then we can speak truth to others mercifully and out of love. If out heart is in the wrong place, we could be speaking the truth with the wrong motives, such as a desire to manipulate and control. All I would ask you to do today is take a few minutes to stop and ask God where your heart is. Ask God to help you fix your heart, so that you have the right motives. Then ask him to teach you the more detailed steps to the beautiful dance of mercy and truth.

Let not mercy and truth forsake thee: bind them around thy neck; write them upon the table of thine heart – Proverbs 3:3

Blind Pharisee! First clean the inside of the cup and dish, and then the outside also will be clean. – Matthew 23: 26

Things I Am Grateful For Today (And Always)

1. That humans are a self-healing species.

2. The infinitude of people wiser and more talented than I, because of whom I will always be able to learn more, see differently, understand better, and generally be entertained.

3. That anytime something hasn’t worked out the way I wanted it to initially, something better did. Always. Without fail.

4. My wife is with me when I was researching this. Been thankful for everything God has done for us.

5. The abundance of foods and cultures and restaurants and diners that exist in my little corner of the world, and that I get to taste a little bit of everything as often as I like.

6. I have never once in my life worried about being too cold in the winter because I couldn’t afford a sweater or jacket.

7. Friends who have loved me more than I loved myself, and who taught me how to love myself.

8. Hugs.

9. Cooking, and sharing it with others. It’s been something I have really grown a love for this past year.

10. That nothing lasts forever, which is, essentially, just a call to be present.

11. That I live in a hemisphere that experiences all four seasons.

12. Second chances. Third chances. Forgiveness. The ability to say: thank you for that experience, and mean it.

13. Nature. And trees. The after-rain smell, the springtime smell. Mountains and trails and and the fact that I have feet and legs to walk them.

14. The funny fact that the nature of realizing a problem is also you recognizing that there is a solution.

15. My job. The fact that I get to write every day. The other amazing writers and producers I get to read and work with and publish.

16. Coffee, and coffee shops at night.

17. A long meal in a dimly lit restaurant with a bottle of wine and someone you love.

18. The excitement of knowing you have reservations for a long meal in a dimly lit restaurant with a bottle of wine and someone you love.

19. That I have rent to pay, dishes to do, laundry to fold, and dinner to cook; because it means I have my own home, have eaten, am clothed, and have more food available to me.

20. How much joy the little things bring (knowing that that joy is always accessible.)

21. Finding a song you love so much you listen to it 20 times in a row and it just gets better and better with every word and riff and beat you start to memorize.

22. Handwriting anything.

23. Farmers markets.

24. The smell of someone you’re falling in love with, right when you’re falling in love with them.

25. The fact that there is no limit to the number of people we can fall in love with – and that it is possible to do so, each time, as wholly as we did before.

26. Confident people who live their lives and speak their truths and redefine beauty and greatness and wonder and what it means to LIVE just by the nature of their living. (People don’t become inspiring by trying to help others, just by being themselves.)

27. Kids. I envy teachers (though I acknowledge how much work they do and how crappy I’d be as one). Regardless, my real joy in life is playing games in my comfort zone and eating biscuit with a cup of fresh juice, watching my favourite season movies.

28. Warm, comfy beds.

29. The simple, perfect knowledge that my only real purpose is to be. Right here, just like this. My name will fade with successions of generations, and eventually, one day, nobody will know I existed. But for now, just for today, I am awake and alive to see and feel and breathe and live in a foreign, temporary body. If there is something more beautiful than that, show it to me, I’ll be surprised.

30. Everything I have healed, everything I have learned, and how being happy, being present, creating more, and being abundant in every way, always begins with thankfulness.

The Trap Of The Comfort Zone

The second mental obstacle that you need to overcome is the comfort zone. Many people become complacent with their current situations. They become so comfortable in a particular job or salary or any level of responsibility that they become reluctant ro make any changes at all, even for the better.

The comfort zone is a major obstacle to ambition, desire, determination, and accomplishment. People who get stuck in a comfort zone, if it’s combined with learned helplessness, are almost impossible to help in any way. Don’t let this happen to you.

Very short and precised but very important to take note of this trap.